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Often I find that people open up very easily to me.  It could be about something going on in their lives, or it could be of a sexual therapy nature.

On one of my working days not so long ago, I found myself sitting at my desk and taking notes about things that needed to be done that day.  Just like that, my phone rings, and a shy voice comes over the line inquiring about sexual therapy.

“Please, Mistress Amber, I really need some help about a certain situation that I am struggling with”, the young guy on the phone said.

Nibbling the end of my pen, and twirling casually in my seat, I started to take notes.  It looked very much like a sexual therapy session was about to begin.

“That is what I am here for honey.  Just relax, this is completely between you and me.  So, tell me, what do I call you”?

“My name is Connor, Mistress Amber“, he said softly.

“Hello Connor.  It seems like you are feeling very troubled about something.  I am here to help.  Sexual therapy can be something that helps you understand yourself, or change something about yourself.  What is on your mind”?

Unburdening himself seemed like such a rush of relief to him in that instance.

Connor explained to me that for quite some time he and his girlfriend have been having sex, but he was feeling that he did not satisfy her.  From what he was saying, he kept on cumming too quickly as his girlfriend’s pussy was just too enticing.  Sadly, his girlfriend was not getting to enjoy the pleasure of cumming herself.

Damn Connor, of course her pussy is enticing.  What could be more delicious that a hot, wet, sweet pussy that you just so happen to be fucking.

“I feel that my girlfriend will run off and cheat on me if I can’t make her cum.  I thought that getting some sexual therapy might help me to be a better lover”.  Connor finished his explanation in a rush of emotion.  Almost like a weight had been lifted off his chest.

I could only imagine what his poor girlfriend must have been feeling.

Getting all excited, clit throbbing for attention and then just like that ….. he pumps his load into her.  Clean up for a dis-satisfied pussy.  I know guys love cumming, but women need to cum too you know guys.  You’ve got to learn those tricks.

Leaning over my desk, we started to explore his concerns in greater detail.

“Connor, I want you to get yourself as comfortable as you can for me”, I calmly instructed him.  “Now Connor, when you are ready for your sexual therapy, let me know”.

He shuffled around on the other end of the phone and got himself ready to receive his sexual therapy.

While he listened on the other end of the phone, I hypnotically got him to relax a little, helping him to feel comfortable.

“Connor, I want you to take your dick in your hand.  You can do this now, or make notes for when you are alone.  I want you to imagine your girlfriend’s hot, tight pussy.  Now imagine that you are sliding your cock deep inside her.  Start to play with your cock, while imagining those sweet sensations”.

“Yes, Mistress Amber”.

“Now, can you feel how wonderful your cock is feeling right now, all that pleasure and sensation building up inside you”?

“Yes, yes I can”.

“Good boy Connor.  Now I want you to stop what you are doing.  Let go of your cock completely.  Feel that ache for wanting more, but you are not allowed.  Know that this is how you leave your poor girlfriend’s pussy when you finish too quickly.

Connor groaned on the other end of the phone.  Frustration was so obvious.

“Connor, this is where you will start to eat your girlfriend’s pussy.  You are going to take the time to taste her sweetness, lick her clit, let your tongue explore all of her”.

I explained to Connor in great detail the pleasure that a woman could get from oral and what it would do to his girlfriend.  While he was being a good boy, his cock would hold out that little bit longer.  His sexual therapy was coming along nicely, with the help of guided masturbation.

“Now Connor, when and only when, your girlfriend cums hard for you, will you get any pleasure for that cock of yours.  Maybe she will suck the pre-cum off your cock, and then swallow you in her mouth, tasting your saltiness.  Maybe she will decide to do something new that you fancy trying.  The power of a good orgasm my sweet boy goes a long way”.

Now we talked about tease and denial, and how much it would help him right now.  It sounded like he was getting a lot out of our sexual therapy session.

“Thank you so much, Mistress Amber.  This has been so helpful and satisfying.  I know my girlfriend will feel happier when I see her”, his voice so excited.

After our little chat, I put down the phone and thought about all the things we had talked about.  My boys and girls always leave me happy.

Maybe you found this helpful today, or maybe it made you want to talk to Mistress Amber about something that has been playing on your mind.  We can talk about whatever you want, whether it be telling your wife you want to try pegging, or exploring a fantasy you are wanting to try.  We can explore these things together.  You don’t have to be shy.

So, if you like what I shared with you today boys and girls, why not give me a call or sext, and get your session with Mistress Amber.  Please note, a sexual therapy session is not a 10 minute call or sexting experience.  It goes deep inside you, body and soul.



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