Mistress Amber: The Sexiest British Accent You’ve Ever Heard!

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I’ve always found that men (and women) have been drawn to me.  I find that this is because they are enchanted by my humor, my naughty side and my sensual voice.

I love nothing more than making my horny client feel special, satisfied and wanting to call me back again and again.  I will become that new addiction that you have been craving.  That part of yourself that might have felt a yearning for something more … baby you just found it.

When you just click with that sexy phone sex lady, it helps you to fulfill all your desires.  Maybe you have been addicted to phone sex for some time, or are you a virgin caller?  Exploring your desires discretely can be so rewarding.

What do you desire?

We all desire so many different things.  Heck, it can be hard to keep up with all the new, sexy ideas that people come up with to play.  What is on your mind?  What makes you just want to explode?  Let me guide you with sexual therapy.  With this we can talk about whatever is playing on that horny mind of yours.  Do you want to try something new and are unsure what to do?  Maybe you want to see how it would feel with phone sex therapy.  Sharing our thoughts and opening up can be quite scary at first.  Discovering our true, sexual selves.  Are you perhaps nervous to tell your partner that you want to try something new and feel unsure how to approach this? Do you feel that you are wanting a fantasy or kink a little too much?  All of this can be explored and in a safe, fun environment.  Therapy never felt so good and rewarding honey.

Enjoy that feeling of being in complete submission?  Want to enjoy being seduced?

It can be amazing when you are feeling like you need to feel that rush of pure pleasure and it finally happens!!  Could it be that you are wanting someone to take control of your body while you relax and enjoy the sensations?  Do you want to be used like a sex toy, and be totally taken advantage of?  I will grab the candles, body lick and handcuffs, you bring that naughty mind of yours and be ready for complete sensual domination.  Maybe you like hypnosis domination and want to feel my sexy voice glide over your body in waves of pure heavenly bliss.  If so, we will have so much fun together.

Roleplay fun can be very freeing and wonderfully fun

Do you fancy your best friend’s wife?  Do you yearn to play Doctor with the babysitter?  Do you wish you could rub that sun lotion all over the body of your sexy neighbor?  Free your mind to explore your fantasy and together, we can make the fantasy feel ever so real.  Yummy!

You know that you need this British Seductress in your life, so what are you waiting for??

Be seduced, be controlled, free your mind and body…be with me.

So, what are you waiting for baby, come and talk with your new addiction now at amberamorous@gmail.com

Kisses, Amber

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