Blackmail,  Harley


I love nothing more than blackmail, especially naughty old men.

You see, I had this neighbor once who always seemed to keep his distance from me.  It was as as if he was almost fearful to even be seen looking in my direction. I never realized that he was checking out my sweet, young body.  Wanting to play with me in ways he shouldn’t want.  Spying on, getting hard for me.  As soon as I did, you know I just had to blackmail the guy.

Let me start from the beginning.  One day I decided to go to his house on a false pretense, hoping I could figure out what exactly his problem was. Once he opened and the door and saw it was me, it is as if he had seen a ghost. He started getting all flustered and explaining that his precious wife was not around.  He tried to slam the door quickly on me, but I stuck my foot in the doorway.

I could hear soft moaning and I swore it sounded just like me.

Pushing the door open I realized what the noise was.  The look on his face was priceless, and so was mine. The dirty pervert had be spying one me.  Somehow, he had captured a video of me in my bedroom completely naked, masturbating with my new vibrator. Admittedly, I am usually really good about shutting my blinds.  That night I was just so horny that I didn’t care.

Watching myself on his screen, knowing that he was masturbating to the view of me playing with myself, well I got so turned on.  Knowing that this was what he was dodging me for. Well, I knew he had to be punished in the most delicious way.  I was going to blackmail him to get exactly what I wanted.

You might even say, I blackmailed him into fucking me hard.

It was either that, or the whole neighborhood ( including his wife ) would find out what a sneaky old perv he was. Let’s just say that he stuffed my little twat right there on the living room floor.  In the background, still playing was my infamous masturbating video.

It was even more of a turn on knowing that at any minute his wife or children could have walked in the front door.

Of course he didn’t last long, being completely hyped up on the realization that this young girl he avoided was now using his peeping tom ways against him for her own pleasure!

If you enjoyed my blog on blackmail and age play, why don’t you be a saucy boy and cum play with me too.  Let me be your intense fun!

Seductively yours,



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