Sultry Mistress Charlie: Just A Few Words Will Send You Over The Edge!

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People seem to think that because I look so sweet, that I actually must be that way. 

Boys, don’t let my looks fool you for one minute.  I am the naughty Domme that you have been searching for.  I find that I enjoy training sissy boys so much, that it has actually become one of my favorite hobbies.  Are you ready to have me control you?  Are you ready to be the nasty boy that I want you to be?  I yearn to teach my callers how to be the boys that I want them to be.  After all, I am their Mistress and I demand satisfaction.

What is it you are looking for?

I know that when I get boys talking to me, they want nothing more than to submit themselves body and soul to doing what I want them to do.  Is this something that you long for?  You want me to teach you to be that good little sissy?  Do you want me to spank that ass of yours when you are not pleasing me?  There are many things that you might long for in the world of domination, and honey I have got you covered.  You will know true domination when you play with Mistress Charlie.

What turns you on?

I bet you have longed many times for that naughty nurse, or maybe even that sexy college professor from your youth.  Do you get yourself off thinking about what you would like to do with them if you could?  Why not let me take you on that pleasure journey, and together you will find that you can be totally fulfilled and begging for more role play action with yours truly.  You will crave your phone calls with me, and the games that we can play together.

Are you the kind of guy that likes to just lie back and relax?

I know that after a hard day of work, or maybe a day that did not go your way, it can help to have someone take that control from you and help you relax blissfully.  Close your eyes, and let me guide you to that glorious finish that you have been needing all day long.  Satisfaction is truly guaranteed.

So boys, what are you waiting for?  An invitation to play?  Well this is that invitation and I am waiting for you right now.

Let me dominate you, captivate you and truly possess you.

You know what to do! 

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I am waiting,


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