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Social distancing can be hard work when you are wanting some cougar delights.

These days we are all struggling with one thing or another.  It seems like having COVID around us right now, and wearing a mask can be hindering a lot of sexy fun time.  I never expected some cougar fun in my back yard.

The sun was beating down on my body, as I lay in my garden relaxing, sipping crisp wine, and listening to the music playing in the background.  The tweeting of the birds in the trees and the breeze gently caressing my body, was making me feel so yummy and relaxed.  I missed receiving cougar delights, but social distancing is so very important.

Bringing the wine glass to my full lips, I licked the rim tasting the delicious liquid, before sipping and savoring.  It was days like this that I enjoyed as I find it so relaxing.

Suddenly, I had a feeling that I was being watched.  I could feel eyes travelling along the length of my body.  Taking in every inch of my exposed skin.

Looking around the garden, I could not see anything out of the ordinary.  Until I heard a movement near the fence.  Keeping my gaze locked in that direction, suddenly the top of my neighbor’s son’s head started to appear.

Now, my neighbor is a lovey lady who is bravely bringing up her 18 year old teenage son alone.  He is the kind of boy that has always managed to find trouble, but also seems to get out of it with charm and wit.

Slowly I sat up and looked over my sunglasses in his direction.  Realizing that he had been caught spying on me, he tumbled over behind the fence, hitting the floor with a thud.

I have to admit that I laughed quite hard at his reaction.  Silly boy.

“So, are you doing to say hello, or are you just going to peep at me from behind the fence”? I teased him playfully, like the naughty cougar I am.

“Oh, hey Amber, I didn’t see you there”, he nervously replied.

“Why don’t you come on over and say hello”, I responded.

“Can I, really?  Well okay, my Mom is out at the moment so I can get away with not studying right now.  I will just go and grab my face mask and be right over”.

I could hear him almost running into the house, his feet slapping against the floor tiles as he made his way into the house.

Shortly, he was opening my side gate and nervously entering my back garden.  His young, horny, college boy excitement was very apparent. with the glorious bulge that was obvious in his shorts.  Moving his hands to his pockets, he tried unsuccessfully to hide his erection.

I reached for my sun lotion and passed it to him casually.  Maybe I could have some cougar delights with this young man.

Slowly, I untied my bikini straps and let my breasts fall free, feeling the sun’s warmth caress my nipples.  This kind of pleasure made me moan in anticipation.

With shaking hands, he took the lotion from my grasp and squirted some onto his hand.  In slow, circular motions, he began to rub the cream on my back, shoulders, buttocks, and breasts.  In the end, he pretty much had me covered all over.

Just from doing this small act, he could no longer hide the excitement that he was feeling for my hot, tight body.

His gaze focusing on my tits, my thighs, my stomach.

Reaching over, I stroked the front of his now very tight shorts.  At first, he seemed shocked, like he had never been touched there before.  Maybe he hadn’t.  If not, then he was in for a treat.

Pulling his cock out of its confinement, I gently got a loving grip on his shaft.  Keeping my eyes locked on his, I started to wank off his dick.  Starting slowly, but building up my rhythm the louder his groans became.

Positioning myself at the end of my lounger, I lowered my mouth onto his cock, tasting his pre-cum.  Savoring my cougar delights as his dick slid further into my open, hot, inviting mouth.

“Oh God Amber, you truly are a sexy MILF”, he groaned louder.

Wow, this was a show for all the neighbors to hear, I laughed to myself.  I could feel that young college boy’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth.  Feeling him tense up and then explode into my greedy mouth.  Delicious.  Some of his cum dribbled onto my breasts, and still keeping eye contact, I scooped it up with a finger and licked it off the tip.

Due to this, he nearly fell over.  I’m still not sure if it was the surprise at the experience, or just that his muscular thighs gave way after his wonderful explosion.

Lying back on the sun lounger, I closed my eyes and dismissed him.  After all, I had received my little bit of cougar fun and now I wanted to go back to relaxing.  Teasing him was all the satisfaction that I needed for this moment.  I’m very sure I can use and abuse him now whenever my naughty MILF mind decides to.  Lucky boy.

Is this something that you have experienced at the hands of a seductive cougar?

Did you get a blow job when you were least expecting it?  Maybe you succumbed to the pleasure of a sexy MILF and remember it all the time, when you are playing with your special toy between your legs?  Maybe you would like to relive the fantasy with me sometime.

If you would like to play out a fantasy like this or maybe something else equally as saucy, why not contact me so that we can play hard.  Maybe you will enjoy one of my other blogs and decide that is something you would like to explore in very great detail.

You know where to find me boys!



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