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My kink is skin…

Flesh, I love to touch it, taste it, think about it,  and talk about it.

The sting in my palm after I correct your mistake, the heat on my ass after you correct mine. The thought of the heat from hips pressed up against me. 

I love nothing more than someone getting off on what I do, anything I do, everything I do, flush and wanting me back cover and over.  I am what you don’t talk about wanting, but you think about it whenever you’re settling for something else.  That part of you that knows a hunger for limitless sensual experience, here it is I do it all.

What do you crave? I myself order off the whole menu, and I can feed any fantasy you can dream of, and fill you up.

A taste of submission, the sweet pain of discipline, the salt of sweat and cum from raw furious…well you can imagine.

Savoring the delicious pleasure of you, one of the ladies and myself sampling a bit of everything?

We all have appetites and there are so many different delights, and I indulge them all as they come to me.   Whatever you crave.  I will lead you through experiences you never admitted to anyone you are hungry for. .  You want to try something new, I will satisfy that desire.  Maybe you want to see how it would feel with phone sex voyerism? Listening in until you know its time to jump in the middle, or maybe you’re just curious want me to guide you through the first time with another man, I was taught well, and so I teach well.

I know you better than you know yourself.


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Eric Anders


Working evenings in a nightclub can certainly have its perks, especially for a horny guy like myself. This particular evening, I was working as a bouncer in a club downtown. It had been a pretty boring evening in the week, and in the section that I worked, I was the only one working.

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