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Ever since I was young, my parents tried really hard to tame me.

They soon realized that I held the reigns and eventually grew to love the whip…

Although, I was never one to consider myself submissive. I do indeed have an intense kinky side that loves to thrive in pleasure, all the while leaving such a messy ending. 

I may sound wholesome and sweet, but I can ensure you… I am everything BUT!

I do love for my callers to be able to feel safety in place within our phone session. A place where you can tell me what you know, and feel. Confessing things you could never tell anyone else! Secrets and confessions are always confidential with me, no matter how dark, cold or callous, confess away! 

Crave me as your Miss. Your secret kiss, or your most indulging sexual fantasy wish! 

Allow me to change your whole outlook on the world, our time together turning into our own fun filled sexual world.

What is your fantasy? Whether it be your poison or your pleasure?

Sex workers are far from women who just want your money as so many view us. Fulfilling someone’s deepest fantasy ( whether mild or wild ), is what I am eager to do. Nothing is more intoxicating and rewarding then to know you have imprinted your kinky and saucy ways into someone mind, to where they can’t help but to transition into hungering for more. 

What do you desire or require from a Domme? 

Over the years I have learned that there is a such difference between Dominance and disrespect. Granted, I love my men who love being broken down just to brought back up just the way they wish for me to make them. I started out as Submissive and had the best Master’s who taught me well in respecting the relationship between, and indeed pointed out that deep down I was and am dominant by nature! 

From my Panty lovers, sniffers to snatchers. My Sissy’s who have need guidance or maybe someone just wanting a hot heated session with me to indulge in a little. ( Fetish’s are my cup of cheer )! I would be honored and so will you, to have me wrap you around my little finger in the list enticing ways, you won’t cum just once.

Don’t be shy, there are never any secrets between you and I. I know you have what it takes to come into my playhouse. 


Let’s Play…

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Harley Radcliffe


People make the mistake of thinking I am sweet and innocent, including my cuckold loving work colleague. My poor cuckold colleague realized I wasn’t as sweet as I came off when I first met him at work! That first day I spoke to him, he started to open up about what a true whore he wished his wife was. He explained that at heart he was a total kinky bastard.  Sadly, his wife was a total prude, and there were always too many bedroom rules.  How could he let her know that he wanted nothing more than cuckold fun with her? When we first met, there was a connection between us.  Maybe not in a sexual way at first, but there was something between us.

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Harley Radcliffe


I love nothing more than blackmail, especially naughty old men. You see, I had this neighbor once who always seemed to keep his distance from me.  It was as as if he was almost fearful to even be seen looking in my direction. I never realized that he was checking out my sweet, young body.  Wanting to play with me in ways he shouldn’t want.  Spying on, getting hard for me.  As soon as I did, you know I just had to blackmail the guy.

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