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As I’ve become a little older (MILF!), things have changed drastically in the sex department.

Trust me – it is only for the better! I’ve always been very sexually curious, and I started out early doing naughty things like calling into chat lines just to get guys off. So, I guess that you could say that my phone sex adventures started early.

I absolutely love to tease a guy. I love to see a nice horny cock begin to rise to the occasion just because I turn the guy on! It makes me so wet. One of my specialties is edging – taking the guy to the edge of orgasm and not allowing him release until I give permission. 

I have become much more assertive, and MILF and Mistress phone sex fits right in with that.

I love to tell a guy to get on the bed, tie his wrists up, make him beg for me to touch him, for him to be able to stroke his cock, for him to be able to cum. I like to tease with my sexy outfits and heels and boots. Performing sensual stripteases and sexy moves makes the teasing and edging even more powerful.

JOI is also one of my specialties, and it fits in just perfect with edging and orgasm denial. What is JOI you ask? It stands for jerk off instruction. Basically, I will tell you when and how to stroke that hard cock, while you drip and ooze precum. Sometimes I do allow quickies!

I am skilled in Erotic Hypnosis, and you will quickly become addicted to my voice and instructions.

Sissies are most welcome – let’s play dress up!

I also offer GFE – or the Girlfriend Experience. Let me show you how a man deserves to be treated.

Just remember, you are in the Temple of a Goddess. I love being showered with gifts, high fashion clothing, jewelry and lovely, Goddess-worthy things.

I am so looking forward to talking with you baby. We can explore our fantasies together (another of my favorite things), and I do want you to know – nothing is off limits. Our conversation involves no taboos.

Let me take you to another world baby, a world where you are hypnotized with lust and want and need. Then I will transport you to unimaginable bliss!



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