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Homewrecking Teen: A Homewreckers Letter All Wives.

A Homewrecking Teens Letter To A Nosey Wife,

Yes, my name is Danielle and I am one of the most manipulative Homewrecking Teens you’ll ever meet. 

I have taken possession of your husband, and his mind. He’s weak and so are you. You obviously don’t have what it takes to keep him in line, so I will.

Stand back and let me show you how it’s done by real homewrecking teens. I love taking weak men like your dear husband and wrapping them around my finger. You can try to get him back, you might even succeed for a while. However, let me let you in on a little secret…

HE WILL BE BACK. They always come back.

I’m not the type of girl you can walk away from. I will leave a lasting impression in your mind. Just a homewrecking teen you completely and helplessly devoted to me. So please, try to get him back. Beg, Plead, and even threaten to leave him.

You and I both know you’re not going anywhere. You will sit there, nagging and carrying on as I steal that weak man away from you.

I am the homewrecking teen of your nightmares! The one who’s going to ruin your whole world.

Oh, I will make him strong, but not in the way you would like. While he’s in my grasp I intend on making his feelings, and his need for me stronger than you can ever imagine.

It’s quite amusing how you sit there, hoping that  someone who clearly isn’t interested in you SOMEHOW regains interest.

Let’s face it, you’ve lost.

I’m not going anywhere. He’s totally devoted to me his favorite homewrecking teen, just look at your bank account. Shouldn’t that be proof enough that I’ve won?

They don’t call me a homewrecker for nothing love. 

Maybe, if you’re lucky. I will give him back in the end… Just Maybe.

Or Maybe Not…


Come Play Losers <3

Home Wrecking Teen Danielle

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