Massage Seduction
Erotic Stories,  Submission


Who would have guessed that massage seduction would happen like this?

It had been a long time since I had gotten myself a massage, and with all the long hours working as a phone sex seductress, it can be needed.  All that sexy talk with so many hot guys can get a girl very wet, so a relaxing massage can be top of the list.  I never would have guessed that it would lead to massage seduction.

I walked into the spa and settled myself in chair, waiting for the lady that I normally have to come and take care of me.  Sipping tea, and browsing the magazines that were on offer, boredom came quite easily.  In my line of work, my mind is very often running 100 miles an hour, with sexy ideas, tempting thoughts and lots and lots of sexy men to please.  Boredom would not have been on my mind if I had known massage seduction was about to happen.

“Charlie, I am ready for you now.  How are you feeling today?”

Looking up, the most gorgeous man ever was staring at me.  So handsome, he made my mouth drop open.

This was the beginning of my massage seduction.

“I am doing very well, thank you.  How are you?” I stammered.

“Yeah, the sun is shining and you are my last client of the day.  All is good with the world”.

We entered the massage room and went through the usual questions of it there were any places that were tense, in pain etc.  I am sure you know how it goes.  It was decided upon a relaxing massage, to ease away the tension that was in my shoulders.  A massage was now needed in other places.  Long, slow and teasing to be exact.

He left the room, letting me undress to just my panties.  Getting underneath the covers on the table, I could already start to feel the tension leaving my body.  Pure bliss.

Entering the room, he started to play relaxing music, the kind that soothes the soul.

My body tingled in anticipation for his touch, his fingers gently digging into my skin, teasing my nerve endings with his hotness.

I could feel the lotion on his hands, as he slid his fingers, slowly down the length of my back, caressing and kneading away all the stress that I was carrying, but just making me want his touch to be very much deeper in certain places.  This guy had my head spinning.  Just a touch and I was losing my mind, and so wet.

Maybe he could sense my mood, or the moaning that was slipping from my lips and they got more and more thirsty for what my massage therapist could do.

His massage seduction took over me completely, as his hands slid between my thighs.  I could feel my pussy aching for his touch.  Anything would do as this point, a finger, a tongue or heaven forbid, a nice thick cock.

Hands were now so close, so teasing to my damp panties.

Did he have any idea of what he was doing to me, teasing me like this?  With each teasing stroke of his hand, he was coaxing all my yummy juices to the surface.

Just like the massage ended.  I mean WTF?????  It is quite possible that any guy looking at me on my way home was going to be jumped and fucked hard.  This is how teased he had me right then.

Getting dressed I put myself together again, trying to contain my horny looks and get my hair nice and pretty.

Meanwhile, while waiting at the reception desk to pay, my massage seduction guy … sorry, I meant to say massage therapist, came and stood by me.

Casually, he slipped something into my hand and smiled, walking away.

In my palm I could see a card he had slipped me.  As I turned it over I noticed he had given me his cell number with a simple message, “you were so wet, it was all I could do not to touch you.  Call me, we can explore all your body in detail”.

What can I say, my pussy purred.  I have to admit that if his mouth and cock are as talented as his hands, his phone might be ringing a lot.  Yummy.

I hope that you enjoyed my story, and that it got you in the mood to cum and play with me.  Are your hands as good as my massage therapist’s?  Do you feel that you can seduce and use that amazing tongue and cock of yours?  Would you tease me just the way that this naughty boy did?

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