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It is crazy how something can start off as a normal boring day, and yet find yourself having sissy cuckold fun.

You see something that catches your eye and suddenly that is all you can think about. The devil comes out to play and you can’t help yourself but think of truly naughty things to subject someone to, especially sissy cuckold abuse.

I was out and about with my gorgeous friend Marcus who loves to tease his sissy toys.

Let me take a moment to describe how sexy as fuck this guy really is. He is 6ft 3, chocolate brown, the type of skin that just looks like it would taste so delicious, and that is just the beginning. He is toned all over with nicely defined muscles, tattoos on his arms, and across his shoulders. Best of all he has an amazing 10 inch cock.

This cock is not only long but nice and thick too.

Now, Marcus and I had been out and about enjoying the weather, and having a few drinks. It has been a tough week of constant work so getting that quality time to enjoy each others company and laugh is very important. It had not crossed our mind that sissy cuckold fun was on the cards for us that day.  Now while we were doing this, we started to have a look around the shops and get ideas for gifts we had to buy. Our friend had a party coming up. Rude to turn up empty handed.

While we were looking at the gifts, we noticed an older guy, looking like he was trying to buy a gift for his wife. Lucky lady…….until we noticed that sneakily he was trying on the lipsticks himself. Naughty little boy. We watched him and started giggling to ourselves about how slutty the lipstick was making his mouth. I started to call him my Scarlett Sissy, which Marcus found very amusing.

Now let me tell you this, Marcus is a kinky fucker.

He loves women, but his kinky side lets him experiment with sissies. He likes to dominate them and make them his bitch…..which he does very well.

So while we are watching this guy, I nudged Marcus and said “shall we have some fun”?  Straightaway he knew what I was thinking. The mischievous look that came on his face was answer enough.

“Are you in the mood for a slutty mouth, eager to please?”

“Well, damn woman you know I am always up for a bit of fun and humiliation…..count me in”.

We walked over to the guy we shall call Scarlett. He was busy looking at all the different colors in the lipstick line. Especially the slutty reds.

“Hey there honey, I personally think that the scarlett reds would look amazing on those lips of yours”.

The guy blushed as deep as his lips.

“Oh I am trying to find the right color for my wife as a gift”, he desperately tried to convince us.

Marcus leaned towards him, grabbing his ass and squeezing.

“Give over mate, we know perfectly well that you are looking for yourself, you dirty bitch. I bet you love nothing more than sucking cock and feeling it dribble down your throat don’t you……or maybe you like to have a guy cum on your face”.

The guy blushed even deeper red, and we could tell that he was also getting turned on by the words that Marcus was saying to him.

Marcus shoved the guy and said “you better take us home now and you better be as dirty as that mouth suggests….I have not cum in a few days and my load is ready to explode”.

“But my wife is at home, I can’t bring you there”?

“Oh you better, as that bitch is also gonna get a bit of my cock too, in fact you can clean up after I have serviced her.. she probably needs a real man in her life who can fill her pussy up just fine. Don’t you agree Amber”?

I was laughing so hard at this poor guy, desperately trying to hide the embarrassment of being caught out, but also his little sissy clit suddenly looking swollen.

Now Marcus, when he is in the right frame of mind, can seduce anyone he wants. Charms them and makes them do his bidding like he is a sorcerer of sex or something.

We got to the guys house and he introduced us to his sweet, almost innocent looking wife.

We made small talk, and all the while Marcus was staring into her eyes, and giving her compliments. You know the kind, you look very sexy for your age, how old are you…I would have thought you were no more than 40…..I love older women… know how it goes. I saw him lean forward and start to whisper in her ear, placing his hand on her thigh and stroking it.

My Scarlett Sissy just watched, licking his lips and enjoying the show. His wife, looking over at her husband to see his reaction but enjoying the attention that this huge guy was giving her. I bet her pussy was aching to be stretched out by his huge cock.

Drinks flowed and flirting got more intense.

I leaned towards my little sissy and said in his ear “I know you are enjoying the show that Marcus is putting on with your wife. Shame you can’t satisfy her like him.  Sometimes a woman needs a real man, but sissy bitches like you get to enjoy the clean up. I bet your mouth is hungry to clean up what Marcus puts out aren’t you”.

My Scarlet sissy nodded hungrily, never taking his eyes off Marcus and his wife.

“I want you to go in the bedroom now and put on some sexy lingerie. I want you to wear black panties, bra and some stockings. It does not matter if the stockings are ripped as when you are as slutty as you obviously are, I can imagine a little rip would do nothing more than make your sissy clitty throb in anticipation.”

“I can’t in front of my wife”, he stammered nervously.

“Oh honey, your wife is going to see you in every possible position, after we have finished with you.  Your wife will know what a little pussy bitch you are”.

My Scarlett Sissy stumbled into his bedroom and nervously looked around. He had some very sexy lingerie hidden away from his wife’s prying eyes. I watched him turn from a nice, charming looking guy, into a slutty little sissy before my eyes.

I nudged him towards the lounge where we had left Marcus and his wife.

He was shaking with nerves, scared of his wife’s reaction, scared to see what her face might tell him.

I pushed him into the room and I burst out laughing at what I saw. His lovely, innocent looking wife was busy sucking on Marcus’s thick cock, slurping hungrily on all his lovely pre cum. Marcus looked over smirking, and then pulled the wife’s head off his cock.

“Well look at your husband now, doesn’t he look like a dirty, cheap whore”.

I nudged him, and put the lipstick in his hand.

“Now show us how red and kissable that whore mouth can be”, I explained to him.

While we all watched, with him standing there in his bra, panties and stockings, he applied nervously the lipstick. It went on with a shaky, nervous hand, nice and thick. His mouth looked very greedy while he looked at Marcus’s delicious thick black cock.

Marcus called him over to stand next to him.

“You are going to watch me fuck your wife, and you are going to then clean up her cum filled pussy”.

Obediently my Scarlett Sissy walked over towards the action near the sofa. He watched as his wife got bent over like a whore, and pounded hard with Marcus’s thick cock. Stretching her out like her pussy had never been stretched before. She moaned in pleasure as his black meat pounded in and out of her pussy, while her husband, my Scarlett Sissy watched. Never being allowed to touch, but being told in great detail how his wife’s pussy felt.

“Tell your sissy bitch husband how it feels to be fucked by a real man”, Marcus teased.

“Oh my God, oh my God…….don’t stop”, she gasped.

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Kisses, Amber

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