Domination,  Pegging,  Submission


Like many ladies out there, I do enjoy playing with teasing toys and submissive sex slaves.

For instance, when I play with my teasing toys, they are not always being used on myself.  In other words, I like sex slave torture.

Subsequently, on one of these wonderful evenings that I decided to play around, I had two of my sex slaves come over for instruction and punishment.  Often I would have them come and visit me around 8pm.  Upon arriving at my home, they would be ready and willing to do what I instructed.  Anticipation for using the teasing toys was often intense for my sex slaves.

As a result of this, I was ready this particular evening, dressed in my purple bra and panties.  My nipples were jutting out in the cold breeze of the room.  My pussy tingled with anticipation, getting wet at the thought of the sex slave torture I was about to commit.

Hearing the knock at the front door, I made my way to greet my guests.

Kneeling at the entrance to the doorway, I was greeted by the sight of two of my sex slaves, Alex and Debra, waiting for their instructions.

“Good evening, I see that you know your places, you fucking pair of sluts.  Now, get upstairs and undress completely.  Don’t make me ask you again”, I fiercely commanded them.

Shuffling away quickly, they exited the hallway and went towards my playroom.  This room was very important to me and helps me get rid of any frustrations.  More importantly, it is a room that I can explore my hidden vixen.  This sexy MILF wants to enjoy fun and wants it NOW.

My sex room was a wondrous sight to behold for my sex slave torture.

I have so many draws of sexy vibrators, cock rings, dildos, anal beads, paddles, and so much more.  My teasing toys took some time to collate together, but well worth it.  While doing sex slave torture, they come in very handy.

Lighting a candle, I watched the flame flickering its dance upon the wall and the ceiling.  Opening one of my draws, I gazed upon the exciting sex slave torture toys and wondered which one to pick first.

Both of my sex slaves were waiting patiently in a kneeling position, with their heads bent to face the ground.  Watching them both, I pulled out the ball gag and anal beads.  Walking towards Debra, I placed the ball gag around her mouth.

The table, with its hand and foot restraints, waited patiently at the far end of the room.

Pointing towards the bed, I instructed Alex to climb on top, the beginning of the sex slave torture.  Debra obediently fastened his wrists and ankles securely.  After doing this, she went back to standing with her head down by the table.

Slipping the anal beads between my fingers, I put the lubricant on them.

Gently I inserted the anal beads into Alex, hearing him try to contain the groan of pleasure he was experiencing.  After all, he did not want to anger me by getting too excited, too soon.

The anal beads slowly entered Alex, and then slowly I slid them back out, repeating the process.  Motioning for Debra to step forward, I instructed her to start stroking Alex’s cock, while teasing herself.  In the meantime, I allowed her to stroke her wet pussy and clit, but I forbid her to finger herself.

The hardness of Alex’s cock was becoming more and more apparent, and his groaning was getting louder.

“Mistress Amber, please, have I been a good servant, can I please do something for you”.

Laughing, I struck him with my whip, across his naked chest.

“You will do as you are told you little slut, and why would I want you touching me anyway.  You have not earned that privilege yet”.

As a result of the atmosphere now concentrated in the room, the smell of sex was becoming strong.  My teasing toys rested on a tray, waiting for their time to be used for sex slave torture.

Placing the anal beads back on the tray, I picked up the cock ring and put this around Alex’s throbbing hard cock.

Desperately Alex needed to cum, you could see the poor boy struggling under his restraints, which just made me want to punish him even more.

He would cum, but only if I let him.  True sex slave torture.

Leading Debra towards the teasing toys tray, I instructed her to put on the strap on that I have for such occasions.  Needless to say, she obliged willingly, standing in front of me with her fake cock, gleaming with the lubricant now stroked onto it.

“Fuck him, Debra, fuck him until you both cum”.

Thrusting the strap on into Alex, he groaned loudly.  I came to stand behind Debra and started to finger her tight little ass, spanking her with my free hand with my wonderful paddle.

The sounds of pleasure escaping from the sex room, was something to behold.

They were experiencing pure bliss and total submission.

Like an explosion, both Alex and Debra cum hard.  Struggling to stay standing, Debra held on to the bed to stop her legs giving way.

“Right bitches, clean this mess up and then fuck off.  I have finished playing with you both for this evening”.

Walking out of the sex room, I could hear my obedient sex slaves doing as they had been instructed.  Hurrying around the room, Alex and Debra made sure that everything was back where it should be and cleaned.

For quite some time now, Alex and Debra have been a couple and married.

They enjoy nothing more than releasing their hidden fantasies, and receiving their sex slave torture from Mistress Amber.

It seems to have spiced things up for them.

After all, to be one of my sex slaves there are certain conditions.  In short, I am a demanding woman and I have standards that have to be met at all times.

If you liked reading about this little adventure of mine and would like to hear more, or maybe you would like me to be your Mistress, then why not contact me.  Together we can explore how you can submit to me totally.

If you would enjoy something a little different and have ideas of your own, let me know so that we can play together very soon.



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