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People make the mistake of thinking I am sweet and innocent, including my cuckold loving work colleague.

My poor cuckold colleague realized I wasn’t as sweet as I came off when I first met him at work! That first day I spoke to him, he started to open up about what a true whore he wished his wife was. He explained that at heart he was a total kinky bastard.  Sadly, his wife was a total prude, and there were always too many bedroom rules.  How could he let her know that he wanted nothing more than cuckold fun with her?

When we first met, there was a connection between us.  Maybe not in a sexual way at first, but there was something between us.

We were at a work party and were enjoying a few drinks.  We were talking together quietly, in hushed whispers away from everyone else in the room.  Hearing about his fantasy of cuckold fun had me quite excited and dare I say, feeling quite empowered.  It really was a secretive kink that we both wanted to explore. Little did he know I ready knew where a cucks place should be!

He expressed his attraction for me.

At first I really tried to change the subject, but the devious bratty dominant in me had other plans.  I started to tease him.  Expressing in return that I thought he was attractive, funny and fun and that I was looking for more of a different kind of relationship. Looking very excited, he told me he wanted a woman who loved sex just as much as him.  A lover of sex with him, but also sex with other men as well.

I called up a friend of mine who I know had a very naughty side, as I was starting to feel very freaky kinky.  Our conversation was opening up all kinds of filthy thoughts, and so I told my friend to meet me at my house.  I had a surprise for him ( both actually ).

I asked my work colleague if he wanted to join me for a few more drinks but at my house.

His reaction was of course, him jumping to the offer with pure excitement. As we got to the house, my friend hadn’t yet arrived. We walked up to the door and went inside.  Immediately, I undressed from the tight dress I was wearing. I could tell he wanted to look, but of course tried to resist the urge.  Looking back, I suppose he was trying to be a gentleman; maybe he had forgotten all he had confessed about his cuckold desires.

There was a knock at the door and watching his eye’s grow big and curious, I asked him to answer it.

At first he was hesitant, but I assured him it was alright. Slowly he walked across the room to the door, and upon opening it sees my friend.  Both of my lovely play toys came back in the room with a huge smile on their faces. Of course my poor cuckold co-worker seemed really confused at this point, even if he was smiling.

Without a word, my friend began to undress and we wasted no time kissing and feeling each other up.  I could feel my cuckold colleague watching hungrily from the armchair.  Turning around, I assured him it was alright to undress and watch my friend and I.  He was about to witness some cuckold pleasure, and I could not wait to take that big juicy dick right there in the middle of the living room.

My cuckold colleague tried to play it cool.

Watching him, he couldn’t help but quickly unbuckle his pants, wrapping his hand around his cock.  The temptation was too strong and he started touching his cock like a good little jerk off junkie.

I pulled my friends cock out and to my surprise my co-workers eye’s got even wider. It was noticeable just how thick my cuckold colleague’s dick had gotten.  Hmmm…. what a poor little cuckold he really was.  I always liked the idea of a fluffer to truly get things steaming!

If you loved my blog as much as I enjoyed confessing it to you, why not give me a call.  We can explore your sexy cuckold fantasy together, and you would not believe how slutty I can be for that kind of fun!

Teasingly yours,


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